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Shenzhen Yumdatto Electronics Co., Ltd.

POS Hi-co/Lo-co Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer

Computer & Accessory
POS Hi-co/Lo-co Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Computer & Accessory  -  Card Readers

Offer Post Time: 2018-08-07

Serial Code: YD-610

Model: YD-610

Size: W170 * L235 * H135

Carriage: Guangdong, China

Package: normal packing or follow customer requirements

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Price: 0.00 USD

Product Detail

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Yumdatto
  • Model Number: YD-610 SERIES
  • color: white and black
  • interface: RS232 keyboard etc
  • size: W170*L235*H135

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: normal packing or follow customer requirements
Delivery Detail: 2-7days


1. For 1,2,3 track mag-cards
2. Standard USB / RS232
3. Suitable all Lo/Hi-co magnetic cards
4. Compatible with MSR206




General instruction
YD-600 series magnetic card read-write device which can connect with any computer or terminals with RS232 is used to read & write the magnetic information of magnetic card or deposit book. This series of magnetic card read-write device are with beautiful appearance, simple and cozy operation, and the operation of read and write can be completed by one brushing. This device is with read-write checking function and its capability is stable and reliable, what’s more, it is with a good compatibility--able to automatically identify various read-write order of magnetic card and used wide. People always use this device in finance, mail, communications and customs especially on the credit card and magnetic card of bank system and the deposit book read-write of bank.



Technical description:

Technical description: magnetic (card) reader

1can read and write multiple tracks (tracks 1-3), read-write state sound, light double instructions.

2support high-speed draw card.

3, the same reader containing ANSI / ISO and IBM and other data reading and writing standards, compatible with a variety of recording formats.

4, good compatibility, can be accessed by end-use, including STAR, the Great Wall, the new Sun, Chang-lin, New World, vapor and other terminals.

5, can provide AMC712, IBM4717 and IBM4777, ISC is fully compatible with the magnetic stripe reading device, the full range.

6, the card speed :20-100mm / sec

7, read and write standard: ISO7811 ~ 7815

8, the recording density: the first track 210BPI (maximum 76 characters)

The second track: 75BPI (maximum 36/104 characters)

Thet Third  track:210BPI (maximum 104 characters)

9, head life: more than 60 million times

10, external power supply: 12v

11, the working environment: temperature 0 °C ~ +45 °C;

Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH

12, data standards: ISO / and IBM standard

13, Dimension: W170 * L235 * H135

14, wiring two meters, white shell weight 1.4KG

Model reference


Product name

product model

Track the position and equipment instructions

 Magnetic card reader and writer 





Single 2 track literacy

Magnetic  card reader and writer 



12 track literacy

Magnetic  card reader and writer 




23 track literacy

Magnetic  card reader and writer 



high resistance reading and writing implement,12 track literacy

Magnetic  card reader and writer 



high resistance reading and writing implement,23 track literacy

Gold  card encoder



high resistance12 track literacy with IC card

  Gold  card encoder



high resistance23 track literacy with IC card

Serial port expansion



Extensible one or several serial interface




1X  Brand New Magnetic Card Reader/Writer.MSRE206
1X CD includes Two kinds of Demo software, User Manual, Specification, Coding for Track 1 2 3, USB Driver.
1X blank Lo-co magnetic card.
1X blank Hi-co magnetic card.

1X magnetic Head cleaning card.
1X RS232 - USB converter and driver.
1X USB cable
1X RS232 signal cable
1X Power Adapter + Cable (input 100-240V AC, output 24V DC)
1X 1AC Power cable ( we can provide USA Standard, Euro Standard, UK Standard and AU Standard,that depends on the location of your country )